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Clinical Embryology

Europe's unique knowledge-transfer in reproductive medicine

Nothing is more important in reproductive medicine than new and forward-looking insights, comprehensive knowledge and research results. Because the trend towards late parenting often means invasive and supportive treatments and therapies to fulfil the dream of having a child. This requires qualified embryologists who need to act responsibly towards social dynamics. 

This unique postgraduate master programme was designed according to the recommendations for clinical embryologists given by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE). It enables graduated Medical Technicians, BSc medical doctors, veterinarians, biologists, biochemists, chemists, pharmacists and midwives (BSc) to work in an IVF laboratory and in all institutions that deal with reproductive medicine.


Duration 4 semesters, part time
Scope 120 ECTS
Language English
Class time 20 days blocked; presence + E-Learning + 2 lab days
Price EUR 21,900.-
Place University of Graz
Degree Master of Science (M.Sc Clinical Embryology)

NEXT START DATE: February 25, 2020


For bookings until October 5, 2019, you will receive a 5% discount on the course fee!

Target group

  • Persons with subject-specific degree or other equivalent study  
  • or completed training as Medical Technician with one year of experienc

Admission requirements

  • successful completion of a relevant bachelor's programme, a University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule) bachelor's programme, or another equivalent programme from an accredited Austrian or foreign post-secondary educational institution
  • successful completion of a programme in natural sciences, human or veterinary medicine is particularly relevant
  • people with a completed training as an MTA/BMA with one year of relevant work experience may also be admitted to the University Programme


For application please submit your certifications.


  • Foundations of Medical Biology
  • Introduction to Human Genetics
  • Epigenetic
  • Special topics of human genetics
  • Genetic diagnostics and counselling
  • Human reproduction 
  • Andrology
  • Gametogenesis
  • Gamete morphology and ultrastructure
  • Preimplantation development
  • Communication 
  • Ethics
  • Applied ethics

  • Introduction to Clinical Embryology – History of IVF
  • Diagnostic procedures
  • Diagnostic procedures in practice
  • Therapy and outcome
  • Sterility check
  • Laboratory equipment and microscopy
  • Sperm processing
  • Culture conditions in IVF
  • Conventional IVF
  • Introduction to cryobiology 
  • Cryopreservation of gametes and tissues
  • Introduction to quality management systems
  • Fertility protection

  • Micromanipulation, ICSI, biopsy
  • Embryo transfer 
  • New technologies in ART
  • Cryobiology 2
  • Quality Management in Practice
  • Risk management
  • Self-management and team skills
  • Evidence-based medicine
  • Time-lapse Technology

  • Seminar Master Thesis 
  • Master Thesis 
  • Master's examination

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Infertility is a common problem affecting every seventh couple of reproductive age. Over 70 million people worldwide are diagnosed as infertile. Clinical Embryology is an interdisciplinary subject that affords doctors to work closely together with natural scientists in order to offer contemporary consulting, diagnostics, methodology and research.

Ao.Univ.-Prof. Mag. DDr. Erwin Petek
Scientific Management




Programme Management

Eveline Hollinger

Telefon:+43 316 380 - 1016

Mo.-Fr.: 9 a.m. -5 p.m.

Scientific Management

Ao.Univ.-Prof. Mag. DDr.

Erwin Petek

Med Uni Graz


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